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Leisure programme at Südsee-Camp

Südsee-Camp is well-known for its extensive range of leisure activities right on our campsite.
We offer a weekly changing animation programme, which is full of activities and entertainment for the whole family. Here you will find our weekly programme for this week, as well as a brief overview of some of our event highlights this year.

published event highlights of this year

the current activity & entertainment programme at the Südsee-Camp

the current animation programme:

Unfortunately, currently there seems no English version of our animation programme available.

If you like to, we would be pleased to show you our activity and in entertainment offer in German.
Note that every offer will take place in German. Of course we will do our best to also explain the offered activities to you in English or maybe even other languages, too, but as it depends we cannot guarantee. 

Take a look at the programme in German

Event highlights at Südsee-Camp


In our annual highlights we publish only a few, selected events with dates that will take place at the Südsee-Camp this year. This way, you can plan your holiday around these dates accordingly, if you like. But there will be more...

Most of the events are announced to our guests at short notice via the current entertainment programme. You will find the animation programme for the current and the coming week at the top of this page, in your personal email shortly before your arrival and on site at the sanitary buildings, information boards and receptions.

We wish you a great family holiday with us at Südsee-Camp!

  • from 24.03.23: Südsee-Camp season start 2023 - campsite & holiday accommodations bookable. The indoor pool is closed until at least 31.03.23.
  • 25.03.23:
  • 08.04.23:
  • 29.07.23:
  • 12.08.23: Summer party on the beach with DJ
  • 30.09.23:
  • 03.11.23:
  • see below.
  • 2024 ◆
  • 16.03.24: First campfire evening of the season
  • 29.03. - 01.04.24 (Easter): Easter fire with live band and further activities.; Sunday Easter parade, Easter egg hunt and evening party with DJ in the big tent
  • 17. - 20.05.24 (Pentecost): Saturday party with DJ in the big tent, Sunday Whitsun party in the amphitheatre with the Hanover Fanfare Corps (marching band)
  • from 14.06.24 / during summer: Broadcast of the European Football Championship
  • from 24.06.24: Football training days at Südsee-Camp (various dates until 24.08.24 - aad. registration required!)
  • 20.07.24: Summer party on the beach with DJ and further activities
  • 03.08.24: Summer party on the beach with DJ and further activities
  • 06. - 08.09.24: premier: 1st Medieval market at Südsee-Camp
  • 06.10.24: Oktoberfest party with typical music from the Wiesn, DJ & further activities
  • 01.11.24: last campfire evening of the season
  • Christmas & New Year's Eve 2024: cosy festive days with the family. No fireworks on the Südsee-Camp grounds.
  • Further events & programme points in the year: see animation programme!
  • 2025 ◆
  • Easter Saturday: Easter bonfire with live band, straw puppet making and many other family attractions
  • Easter Sunday: Parade and Easter egg hunt and Easter party
  • Whitsun: Saturday party with DJ, Sunday big party at the amphitheatre
  • 2 summer parties on the beach, Oktoberfest and many other highlights planned for the year. Details will follow.

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