Swimming at Südsee-Camp: holiday resort / campsite with swimming pool and bathing lake
outdoors in summer & indoors all year round

Swimming at Südsee-Camp: holiday resort / campsite with swimming pool and bathing lake


Südsee-Badeparadies: Indoorspaßbad im Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf

  • Swimming fun for families
  • Highlight: special bathing fun during the wave times
  • Outdoor slide: white water channel
  • Real palm trees & bananas grow here
  • At the Südsee-Camp holiday resort

Panoramic glass roof, wave pool, palm trees and bananas

The South Seas lie in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath. Just like in the tropics, palm trees and even real bananas grow in our indoor fun pool at the campsite / holiday resort.

But to get here, to the exotic ‘South Sea bathing paradise’, you don't have to take an arduous journey. This tropical attraction is just around the corner - between Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen at the Südsee-Camp holiday resort in Wietzendorf (Heidekreis).

Rush through the white-water canyon at full speed or brave the giant waves in the lagoon - there's wet and happy swimming fun for the whole family here. Let off steam to your heart's content in the children's paradise and then see if you can sign on as a sailor on the pirate ship.

Or would you prefer to relax and enjoy a wellness massage?

switch off & relax

Massages at Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf

Let us pamper you and book your personal feel-good massage appointment with Mrs Antje Sandow | deinSeelenWellness.de

Balm for the body and soul. Enjoy the cosy relaxation of a wellness massage.

The expert hands of Antje Sandow (deinseelenwellness.de) not only pamper your body, but also literally caress your mind and give you a feeling of well-being and new energy. Her treatments include various full-body massages, a foot reflexology massage and a shoulder/neck or back massage.

Mrs Sandow awaits you for your relaxation appointment in our indoor swimming pool directly on the Südsee-Camp in Wietzendorf. The sauna area, which is currently closed, is available exclusively for your massage.

All information and prices can be found on the website of Mrs Antje Sandow | deinseelenwellness.de.

We wish you pleasant relaxation!

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Öffnungszeiten & Preise: Südsee-Badeparadies

reduced price for our Südsee-Camp holiday guests - please show your guest code!

Day admission: currently max. 3 hrs.

  • Adults: 6.50 (Wed. - Fri.) || 8.00 (Sat., Sun. & public holidays)
  • Children (2-17 yrs.): 4.50 (Wed. - Fri.) || 6.00 (Sat., Sun. & public holidays)

Price in Euro incl. VAT. Please note opening hours & closing days.

Book a massage appointment:
also outside the Badeparadies opening hours

Badeparadies opening hours:

Bathing time: 3 hours. Last admission always 90 minutes before closing time.Ice cream and cold drinks sold on site; no hot food/bistro service.
Sauna closed. Subject to change.

to the opening hours of the Südsee-Camp fun pool

CONTACT during opening hours:
+49 (0)5196-980 330

The complete bathing regulations are displayed on site and can be handed out on request.

Extract from the Badeparadies house rules:

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you lose a Badeparadies access wristband, we will charge €10 at the cash desk.
  • Persons who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, have animals with them, suffer from transmissible skin lesions or other notifiable, transmissible diseases in accordance with the
    Infection Protection Act (IfSG), as well as unaccompanied persons who are unable to move around safely without assistance or who are not wearing appropriate swimwear, will not be admitted / are not authorised as bathers until the impediment has been remedied by appropriate means.

  • Swimwear: Ladies: Bikini or swimming costume and optional swim shorts, men: swimming trunks or swim shorts.
    For reasons of hygiene, underwear of any kind and (everyday) clothing that is not explicitly intended for swimming = made of swimming suite material is not permitted.

  • Shower thoroughly before bathing. The barefoot areas - shower rooms and bathing area - and barefoot corridors may not be entered with street shoes.

  • Running is not permitted anywhere in the swimming pool; only slow walking is permitted! Leaving the pools in places not designated for this purpose and entering and jumping from the edge of the pool are prohibited.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the indoor area.

  • Wave pool: The waves are only suitable for good swimmers!The non-swimmer area is separated from the swimmer area behind it by a dividing line - non-swimmers are only allowed in the front area. Sitting on the edge of the pool and jumping from the edge of the pool are not permitted.

  • Slides in general: It is only permitted to slide individually and while seated!

  • Outdoor slide/ white water channel: Only suitable for good swimmers! Watch out for swirls!The white water channel and the outdoor pool may not be left - entering the edge of the pool and jumping from and jumping from the bubble benches in the outdoor area are prohibited. It is not permitted to run backwards or to dam up in the white water channel.

  • Exclusion of liability: Use of the swimming pool and its facilities at your own risk.

Visits to our indoor pool may be temporarily restricted for bathers from the surrounding area.
Currently: also open for day guests - we look forward to welcoming you!

Day admission: currently max. 3 hrs.

  • Adults: 7.50 (Wed. - Fri.) || 9.50 (Sat., Sun. & public holidays)
  • Children (2-17 yrs.): 5.50 (Wed. - Fri.) || 7.50 (Sat., Sun. & public holidays)

Price in Euro incl. VAT. Please note opening hours & closing days.


Opening hours leisure facilities

Swimming pool
Swimming pool
last entry: always 90 min. before closing time.

in May:
daily open
min. 12.00 - 18.00, and
from 10.00 on every Sa. & Su.

in June:
Mo. & Tue. closed,
We. to Fr. 12.00 - 18.00,
Sa. & Su. 10.00 - 18.00.
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Indoor playground
Indoor playground
in May & June:
daily 10.00 - 18.00, except
We., 19.06.: until 17.00.

(kitchen in the bistro closes at 17.00).
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Riding stable
Riding stable
in May:
Wednesday: closed, otherwise
info & scheduling 10.00 - 12.00 and for stable visitors 10.00 - min. 14.00 and by appointment.

in June:
Mo. & Thu.: closed, other days
info & scheduling 10.00 - 12.00 and for stable visitors 10.00 - min. 14.00 and by appointment.
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Spa massages
Spa massages
by appointment in the Badeparadies - also outside of the Badeparadies opening hours.
↗ book a massage
Jungle golf
Jungle golf
in May, June & July:

We., 22.05.: closed due to weather conditions. Otherwise

daily 11.00 - 17.00 Uhr
last entry: always 1,5 h before closing time.

Changes are possible due to weather conditions.
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High ropes course
High ropes course
in May:
• Corpus Christi (29.05. - 02.06.) & during 28.06. - 25.08.:
Mo. - Fr. 11.00 - 18.30,
Sa. & Su. 10.30 - 18.30.

• other times:
Monday closed,
Tue & We 11.00 - 18.00,
Thu & Fr only by appointment,
Sa & Su 10.30 - 18.00.

Last entry: always 1 h before closing time. Changes are possible due to weather conditions.
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Activity programme
Activity programme
Changing programme on up to 6 days/week
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Trampoline at the lake
Trampoline at the lake
in May & June:
• until 02.06.:
daily 11.00 - 18.00 and fridays until 20.00.
• 03. - 22.06.:
Monday closed,
Tue. - Thu. & Su. 12.00 - 18.00 / Fr. until 20.00,
Sa. 11.00 - 18.00.
• from 23.06.:
daily 11.00 - 18.00 / Fr. 12.00 - 20.00.

Changes are possible due to weather conditions.
Church on the road
Church on the road
changing family programme of the Protestant church directly in the Südsee-Camp

during school holidays & public holidays between Easter and the end of October
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Swimming lake with sandy beach at Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf

  • Natural swimming lake
  • at the Südsee-Camp holiday resort / no public swimming lake
  • with sandy beach
  • with biological filter system
  • approx. 3.5 hectares in size
  • shallow children's bathing bay, other areas up to 7 metres deep

A beautiful sandy beach, clean water and the cheerful hustle and bustle of a happy crowd of children - this is what summer at our natural bathing lake looks like for our guests.

The water of the lake is ideal for a short swim, while the beach offers those seeking relaxation a sunny spot.

Children can enjoy the shallow bathing bay, explore the mystical, stranded pirate ship or let off steam in the large playground right next to the children's bathing bay on the beach.

Right on the beach you will also find a beach volleyball court, table tennis tables, a zip wire and our Südsee-Camp lighthouse. For refreshments and a tasty snack, the beach bar and the island restaurant offer snacks, ice cream and drinks.

Use is of course included for our camping and holiday guests.

Day visitors must register and pay an admission fee, see admission prices for day visitors.

Please note: Dogs are not permitted on the beach or in the water!

Would you like to find out more about our biological sea filter system, the Neptunfilter?

The Südsee-Camp Wietzendorf enchants with its bathing lake, framed by a fine sandy beach, which invites you to a perfect summer experience. Covering an area of approx. 3.5 hectares, the bathing lake offers plenty of space for relaxation, with access for camping guests included. The purity of the water is guaranteed by a biological lake filter system, the Neptune filter. A visit here promises unforgettable moments in an atmosphere that offers both relaxation and adventure.

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über unseren Badesee: Entstehung, Wasserqualität

The lake is approx. 3.5 hectares in size and its steep shoreline was once created by sand/gravel extraction. It is fed by natural water sources below the surface.

  • 30 cm to 8 m deep
  • caution: deep areas and shallow sandbanks in the middle of the lake alternate spontaneously from time to time
  • continuously shallower bathing area for children/non-swimmers: children's bathing bay
  • the lake contains approx. 100,000 m³ of water
  • tested water quality

As a natural body of water, the level of the lake, i.e. how high the water level is, is constantly influenced by various factors. These include, for example, how much it has rained, how much water evaporates due to solar radiation, use by bathers and the ambient temperature, how high the general groundwater level is and the natural springs that feed it. The water level has been particularly high or low from time to time over the decades; these are normal fluctuations. The end of the slide at the lighthouse should ideally be just about ankle-deep in water and the sandbank to the stranded pirate ship, the Bounty, should still be exposed. The assumption of some guests that the lake generally has too little water could be related to the partly quite steep beach - depending on the perspective, this impression is created.

Several thousand cubic metres of water are renewed here every day through the interaction of spring water and natural water run-off through the sand layers, so that according to the Lower Saxony Bathing Water Atlas, around a third of the lake's water volume is exchanged every day at Südsee-Camp.

In addition, the water is biologically purified by our Neptune filter system (see below) to ensure consistently good water quality despite intensive use by bathers.

The water quality is regularly checked by the responsible health authority during the bathing season during the test period (15 May - 15 September). The water quality is tested and monitored during site inspections with sampling and subsequent testing in the water laboratory of the Lower Saxony State Health Office. The official test results of our bathing lake are always displayed at our reception. If any abnormalities are found in a sample, we will inform our bathing guests.

General tips for swimming in natural bathing lakes:

  • Minimise nutrient input and pollutants so that bathing pleasure is maintained:
    shower before bathing, do not apply (sun) creams or deodorants, do not feed birds and fish, use toilets - lakes are complex and sensitive ecosystems!
  • Always shower and change into swimwear after bathing
  • Do not swallow / drink water - pay particular attention to children
  • refrain from bathing if you are standing in water up to your knees and can no longer see your own feet.
  • if there is still visible algae formation due to excessive nutrient input: avoid areas with visible green or blue-green streaks or carpets.
  • Observe signs, pay attention to restricted areas or protection zones

Covering an area of approx. 3.5 hectares, the bathing lake at Südsee-Camp offers plenty of space for our bathing and holiday guests to relax and enjoy the water.
We thank you for observing our bathing lake rules:

  • Schwimminseln (Pontons, siehe unten: Neptunfilter-Anlage) und die kleine Insel im See dürfen nicht betreten werden
  • Keschern, Angeln und Tiere füttern verboten
  • auf dem See sind keine Hartboote, feste Surfbretter, Motorboote und ähnliches gestattet - nur aufblasbare Schwimmartikel!
  • Keine Glasflaschen am Strand/ See (Verletzungsgefahr)
  • Hunde / Haustiere sind am Strand und im See verboten.
    Südsee-Camp kann hiervon abweichend, zum Beispiel im Winter, bestimmte Zeiträume bekanntgeben, in denen Hunde mit an den Strand dürfen; während der Badesaison ist unser Badesee jedoch immer ausschließlich für unsere menschlichen Badegäste.
  • Nutzung auf eigene Gefahr; eine Badeaufsicht ist nur an ausgewählten Terminen vor Ort.
  • Besucher / Badegäste aus der Umgebung müssen sich an unserer Rezeption anmelden und einen Eintritt zahlen, siehe Eintrittspreis für Tagesbesucher.
  • Swimming islands (pontoons, see below: Neptune filter system) and the small island in the lake may not be entered
  • No landing nets, fishing or feeding animals allowed
  • No hard boats, fixed surfboards, motorboats and similar are permitted on the lake - only inflatable swimming equipment!
  • No glass bottles on the beach/lake (risk of injury)
  • Dogs / pets are prohibited on the beach and in the lake.
    Südsee-Camp may announce certain periods, for example in winter, when dogs are allowed on the beach; during the bathing season, however, our bathing lake is always exclusively for our human bathers.
  • Use at your own risk; a lifeguard is only on site on selected dates.
  • Visitors / bathers from the surrounding area must register at our reception and pay an entrance fee, see entrance fee for day visitors.

Our natural bathing lake comprises approx. 4 hectares of sand, beach and water of bathing quality. We have built a water treatment system in the form of a Neptune filter to ensure that this centrepiece of Südsee-Camp remains our guests' favourite summer pitch in the future. It guarantees the consistently very good water quality and the safety for unclouded bathing pleasure.

Why a Neptune filter?
Intensive use of the lake by bathers brings many nutrients into the water. These nutrients favour the growth of algae, causing the water to become cloudy and potentially leading to the appearance of toxic bacteria, more commonly known as blue-green algae. This Neptune filter was installed in 2011 to enable intensive and sustainable use of the lake.

What is a Neptune filter? How does it work?
This Neptune filter is a sprinkled bottom filter system that cleans the lake water biologically.
For this purpose, lake water close to the surface is first sucked in via the floating islands (pontoons) in the southern part of the lake and pumped to the filter system. The water is atomised onto the special substrate in the Neptunfilter system via spray nozzles and seeps through various porous filter layers. A biofilm forms on the grain surface of the filter material, in which nutrients from the water flowing past are deposited. Deposition processes reduce the number of germs and thus hygienise the water. Another effect produced by the filter is the stabilisation of the pH value. In this way, good water quality can be ensured in the long term. The filtered water is returned to the lake via the waterfalls and the slide in the children's bathing bay in the north.

Technical data of the system:

  • built: 2011
  • Flow rate / capacity: The filter capacity is automatically adjusted depending on the intensity of use. At peak load times, the filter is fed with a volume flow of 14 m³/h. This means that the entire lake water of approx. 100,000 m³ can be circulated and cleaned once a month with the Neptunfilter system.
for access to the site & bathing lake
current admission price for day visitors | Südsee-Camp
  • from 08.00 - 22.00

Registration as a day guest for visitors or bathers from the surrounding area who are not holiday guests at Südsee-Camp must always be made first at reception or at the ticket office at the entrance!
The entrance fee is for access to the Südsee-Camp grounds including the use of our children's playgrounds, the dog playground, the swimming lake & participation in the activity programme:

Entrance fee for day guests (8.00 - 22.00)

  • Adult: 8.00
  • Child: 6.00
  • Dog: 5,00 *

Prices in Euro incl. VAT. = Dogs are not permitted on the beach, in the water or in the children's playgrounds!

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