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Prices 2023 - what's new? [December '22]


Südsee-Camp Price List 2023 - what's new?

- Cable TV (where available) included.
- Clearer pricing:
pitch price & person fees. All persons will be charged according to the person fee when camping. There is only a distinction between children and adults; babies under 2 years travel free of charge.
- From-prices:
those who book early benefit from the lowest prices.
- SSC-Special discount
on certain selected pitches (size S - XXL) with shortcomings, such as all pitches in the Tannengrund area (without cable TV). Some of the discounted pitches can only be booked directly at reception - not online.

- From prices:
if you book early, you benefit from the best prices.
- Booking by property:
option for chalets and Sommarby holiday homes, provided the desired property is available. In general, you book an accommodation category for the chalets and holiday homes and we assign the booking variably to one of the chalets/houses. If it is very important to someone in which house number exactly they are spending their holiday, they can now choose this option to book a specific rental property.
- All type 3 chalets (for up to 6 persons) and the chalets in Wrogewald are exchanged.
All chalets in the Wrogewald will be renumbered and become 5 new type 3 chalets and one type 2+ chalet. It is not yet possible to guarantee when a binding booking for this chalets will be possible for 2023.


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