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Piratennest: Building Blog

Südsee-Camp Piratennest - the pirate themed indoor playground of our 5-star campsite and bungalowpark.

On this page we give you a (belated) insight into the various construction stages and announcements made in the past (up to the official opening in spring 2022!).

The announcements are sorted chronologically - at the top is the most recent and at the bottom you will find the beginnings and first pre-announcements.
// Please note: this page offers a rough overview and does not claim to be a full construction blog with all details.

We hope you enjoy reading!

  • Piratennest-Update: Opening soon! • 29.03.2022

    Dear Südsee-Camp guests and future leisure pirates,

    we are really looking forward to opening our indoor play hall!
    There is still no concrete opening date, but the wonderful news,
    that our pirate-themed indoor play centre will feature a huge climbing and sliding world,
    a big pirate ship, a doughnut slide, two video game trampolines.
    a toddler play island and lots more great play equipment will soon be completed.

    ☠️⛵️ We can say: Our indoor playground is really in its final stages -
    the opening is already planned for soon, i.e. for this Spring 2022!
    >> So as a precaution for your next Südsee-Camp holiday, don't forget to pack your
    anti-slipping socks! :-D

    Also the Pirate Bistro, where the waiting adults can enjoy a snack while they watch the children play, and the modern fitness room on the ground floor which has also been refurbished in the Pirate's Nest, as well as the two multifunctional rooms for large business meetings, sports courses or other group events on the upper floor upstairs also look really great already!

    The last fitness equipment was delivered last week, technology and chairs for the multifunctional rooms are set and our Pirate's Nest team has already carried out the first cleaning to remove the building dust and to make the hall shine in all its glory.
    The last plates and cups are still being put away in the bistro and maybe a little bit of merchandise is still missing here and there, and of course the routine, but it will be great when we welcome the first guests to our indoor playground, the Piratennest!

  • Piratennest-Update • 14.02.2022

    Dear Südsee-Camp guests and future leisure pirates,

    We are really looking forward to opening our indoor playground! Unfortunately, we are not able to announce a date for this yet, as it is not foreseeable when the remaining work will be finally completed. ☠️⛵️

    ...But the playground equipment is already there and it looks so great?!
    Yes, a lot of work has already been completed and the play hall shines in a south sea and pirates theme, but you can still see various craftsmen at work almost every day - and not without reason. We are also still waiting for some equipment and furnishings to start our work in the Pirate's Nest and to be able to welcome you here. Additionally, we are also still looking for reinforcements in our future team!

    Have you ever thought about becoming part of the Pirate's Nest team?! 
    You can find our current job offers here: ► Jobs in the Pirate's Nest (speaking German is required)

    To put it in a nutshell: You and we will have to be patient until the Pirate's Nest can be finally opened.
    But by now we can announce to you: All guests who visit us from summer 2022 onwards can already look forward to fun and games in the Pirate's Nest! As soon as the concrete opening date is fixed, we will of course announce it officially, too!

  • Südsee-Weihnachtsquiz 2021 • until 31.01.2022

    You had the chance to win great prizes at our Christmas raffle Südsee-Weihnachtsquiz 2021 (until 31.01.2022): there were Vouchers for Südsee-Camp of high amounts as well as a special winning which may make children's eyes to sparkle,... a prize that can't be bought by money!
    10 golden tickets for the indoor playground Piratennest!

    These personalised tickets entitle the lucky winning families to come to the Pirate's Nest to romp and play as often as they want for one year from the opening of the indoor playground. We would like to congratulate the Kindel family from Dortmund, the Sabrowski family from Drochtersen and the Heidrich family from Beverungen!

    Of course, the Christmas quiz was all about our new indoor playground: 4 questions about the indoor playground had to be answered correctly (which was no problem for you, of course!) and you also told us something very personal in question no. 5:

    >> What are you looking forward to the most?

    Here are the answers from our 3 winning families:
    "To a great holiday with my family at your Südsee-Camp!"
    • "The Pirate's Nest" and • "To spend another holiday with you!"

  • Piratennest-Update • 17.12.2021

    Question: What does our Südsee-Camp indoor playground actually do?
    Answer: It really makes you want to play and run around!

    Up on the pirate ship and defend the treasure, ARrrr, ☠️⛵️ ...or quickly pass under the arms of the octopus and look out for land from the big tower, and then nothing can stop me from sliding down the plank towards the beach with the big donut tyre!
    Ha - that's how I will do it!

    ...and what are your plans when the "Pirate's Nest" opens in 2022 at the Südsee-Camp?

    The playground equipment has been delivered and set up in the meantime. So that you know what we're talking about, we've uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures to the picture gallery today! Have fun looking through them!

  • Piratennest-Update • 01.10.2021

    Would you like to take a look behind the scenes?

    We are already working on our indoor play hall, the Südsee-Camp Piratennest, with great attention to detail! The hall itself is still a big construction site and the inside is still completely empty, but we are happy to be able to give you this little preview of what we have planned for you!

    In the picture gallery you can find pictures of the current state of the building site and the first insights into how much love for detail goes into the creation and hand-painting of the decoration of our play hall.

    >> The opening is planned for the 2022 season - we are already looking forward to it!

  • Further info about the Piratennest • 17.09.2021

    We are very happy to present you new pictures of our planned indoor play hall.
    The project is slowly taking shape!

    >> Opening in season 2022!

    The plan: Our brand new indoor playground will offer the guests of Südsee-Camp a huge climbing and sliding world with a pirate theme with many highlights, such as a large pirate ship, a donut slide, video game trampolines and a toddler play island. Meanwhile, mum and dad can fortify themselves in the bistro and have an eye on the playing kids or do some sport in the adjacent modern fitness room.

    We would like to thank the companies Borgers GmbH and ELI Play GmbH for the realisation of this great project, as well as all other companies and trades involved in the construction of our indoor playground.

    We are looking forward to presenting this great offer to you in the course of 2022.
    More information will follow in the course of the year!

  • Construction progress • since autumn 2020

    09.08.2021: The shell of the indoor play hall is finished. The building is closed, windows and doors are installed. From the outside, we have brought the house connections for water, electricity, network and local heating into the building. Currently, the installation of the building services and the drywall construction are running at full speed. The screed will be laid in August and the tiling work will start soon.

    30.01.2021: Two cranes and an excavator, as well as lots of building material and several containers are at Fort Adventure and covered in snow. The construction area is still level, but prepared for construction.

    In autumn/winter 2020: Preparations of the area for the planned construction work begin. Among other things, the first area changes are already being made: Tree felling work, uninstallation of previous utilities and facilities of the group campsite, and preparation of the area for the start of construction.

  • first announcement indoor playground • 25.11.2020

    Even though we had already more or less (in)officially confirmed it here and there, you knew about it at the latest from the delivery of our Christmas promotional letter at the end of November 2020:

    "NEWS: [...] The biggest highlight will follow at the end of the season [2020]. We are going to building a large indoor games hall with an adjoining bistro, which will open for the 2022 season."

    Great news at the end of a year that was marked by COVID and turned all our worlds upside down, isn't it?

  • construction site announcement • 22.10.2020

    Already on 22.10.2020 we updated the information on our website about the previous group site "Fort Adventure": "Reconstruction works Fort Adventure. In 2021, Fort Adventure will be closed due to renovation work and will therefore not be available for groups! You will find out what will be built here at a later date. Stay tuned!"

    The 2021 price list was officially published on 20.11.2020. In this, too, the Fort Adventure area is marked in the site plan as "Area closed. Construction site due to new building" and in the November 2020 newsletter we also want to keep it a secret...any ideas what is going to be built here?!

    This leaves room for speculation and the first guesses are made.
    At this point, however, Südsee-Camp and its employees are still keeping a very low profile.

    ...but the news that we are already in the middle of planning an indoor play hall is spreading among Südsee-Camp friends faster than we would have thought.

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