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There is a perfect pitch for everyone...

...whether you come with a tent, a caravan or a motor home. There are pitches in the wood or on sunny grassland, situated directly in front of the lake or a little secluded. You have the choice


You can browse through our campsite areas and offers in order to get an overview of the campsite.

Or you can contact our friendly receptionists who will be pleased to give you personal advice.


Central Pitches: GT2000 | Pilzwiese | Sommerland

Pitch at the lake: See-Eck | Wrogewald | Seewald

Pitches apart: Tannengrund | Oase

Camping prices


Surrounded by plants


Everybody can find the perfect pitch in this neat touring pitch area. One half of the area is very open and the other half offers a lot of beautiful trees.


Some of the parcelled out pitches are partly paved. Sanitary building IV offers everything that a camper needs. You can find a special washroom for children, private washrooms in great variants, a laundrette, a wheelchair accessible washroom.


The snackbar "Campers Inn" is situated next to the area. Furthermore, there are ping-pong tables and the "Rappelkiste" stop.


cable-TV, wi-fi, dogs permitted



In the centre but still secluded


This area is clearly structured and offers a sand-pit and a big playground nearby. The easy to reach pitches are well suited for motor caravans.


In this area you can find every pitch size and some of the pitches are partly paved. The easy to reach pitches are particularly popular among motor caravan owners. The lush planting creates a comfortable atmosphere. 


Sanitary building VI offers you a laundrette and a wheelchair accessible toilette.


cable-TV, wi-fi, no dogs permitted



A lot of space four our young guests


This touring pitch area is the newest area of the Südsee-Camp. It offers large pitches and a lot of space for children. The pitches are perfectly suited for big caravans and motor homes.


There are two wonderful playgrounds, the ropes course and the horse stable nearby. Restaurant “Bootsmann” offers you delicious dishes and you can be creative in the Villa-Kuddelmuddel.


The sanitary building VII offers private bathrooms, a laundrette and a wheelchair accessible toilette.


Cable-TV, wi-fi, dogs permitted on the left side, no dogs permitted on the right side



Pitches right at the lake

This touring pitch area offers you sunny pitches and a direct access to the wonderful beach. Furthermore, the area is situated close to the centre of the campsite.


In the wink of an eye you are at the indoor swimming pool, the supermarket or in one of our big restaurants. The children also have short ways to the kids activities at the “Freizeithaus” and the “Kirche unterwegs”.


The parcelled out pitches are partly paved and well suited for motor caravans but not for tents.


Sanitary building I offers a laundrette and private bathrooms.


Cable-TV, wi-fi, dogs permitted



In the shade of the old pine trees


This touring pitch area is located close to our beautiful lake. The parcelled out pitches are surrounded by lavish green and the pine trees offer shade during the summer.


In this area you can find every pitch size and some of the pitches are partly paved.


The area is suited very well for children as the playground and the children's bathing bay are nearby. Furthermore, the children will find an old pirate ship and a toddler pool.


Moreover, you can enjoy a cocktail or a snack at the "Strandbar".


Sanitary building III is located right at the beach and offer you hot showers and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.


Cable-TV, no wi-fi, no dogs



Original camping

The touring pitch area Seewald is perfectly suited for the price-conscious camper who likes original, basic camping. The area is close to the lake and surrounded by many trees.


The area is not parcelled out and you can choose the pitch you like. The pitches cannot be reserved and are only for tents.


The area is suited very well for children as the playground and the children’s bathing bay are nearby. Moreover, you can enjoy a cocktail or a snack at the “Strandbar”.


Sanitary buildings XI and III (with wheelchair accessible washroom) are nearby.


No cable-TV, no wi-fi, dogs permitted



Relaxing touring pitch area

The area Tannengrund is perfectly suited for guests who like to have a secluded pitch.


The young guests can play in the sandpit, at the ping-pong tables or simply enjoy a lot of free space. In the middle of the area you can find a communal area with a fireplace. The area is perfect for sports fans. The sports-fields are right behind the area and there is also the bicycle cross course. Moreover, this area is the perfect starting point for a run around the campsite. 


Please note that there are only 6 ampere on the right side of the Tannengrund area. You can easily reach sanitary buildings XII and II (with laundrette).


No cable-TV, no wi-fi, dogs permitted



Sunny, inviting pitches


This idyllic area surrounds a biotope and is perfectly suited for families with small children. The area offers a small playground and a sanitary building with a special washroom for children.


The “Oase” is particularly suitable for tents, caravans and motor caravans. The parcelled out pitches are very spacious and blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature.


Apart from the washroom for children, you will find private bathrooms, a laundrette and a wheelchair accessible toilette.


Cable-TV, no wi-fi,  no dogs permitted


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