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You've booked

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Small step-by-step guide on the way to holiday happiness!

Booking completed: what's next?

1.) Get booking confirmation
We will send you a booking confirmation by e-mail today / tomorrow at the latest. This will secure your holiday!

Please check your e-mail inbox (don't forget your spam folder).
2.) Enjoy the anticipation of your holiday
You've booked = your holiday can begin! What could be better!

Share your joy with others!
3.) Pay remaining amount
If you have paid a deposit, please note the payment deadline for the remaining amount.

Before your holiday can begin, your Südsee-Camp holiday must be paid in full.
4.) Keep data up-to-date
You will receive your arrival documents by email 14 days before your arrival date.

Very important:
Check the registered licence plate number again & that all fellow travellers are registered.
5.) Prepare your journey
Pack your things, enter Südsee-Camp in the sat nav, save your personal guest ID (QR code) in your mobile phone and use the guest app to access lots of useful information.
Plan journey
Details about arrival & departure, ...
any questions? you'll find the answers here!

Here you can find lots of information about your stay at Südsee-Camp, information details about your arrival and departure and many more to read it again and again:

  • Südsee-Camp guest app
    (simply add the web app to your mobile phone = put the icon link on your home screen)
  • Information our website and in the FAQ section ↘
    ("frequently asked questions" = answers to frequently asked questions, see orange question mark below right)
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