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The Südsee-Camp was founded in 1970 and has been owned by the Thiele family ever since. In fact it is a traditional family business. It is Südsee Camp's fine tradition to offer its guests and particularly the children a very special holiday, no matter which season. Moreover we made it our top priority to satisfy our guests' wishes and always look into the future. We have always broken new grounds in the camping business.


We commit to the social market economy because just those that work efficient can secure their future. Furthermore, we believe the relationship of the management and the employees to be really important. We provide more than a hundred jobs in different departments. At the Südsee-Camp everyone gets a chance, no matter which sex or nationality. The employment turnover rate is reasonably low and as a result we are proud of our many employees who have been with us for a long time. Without the good relationship between the Thiele family and its employees, Südsee-Camp would not have had the ability to reach its present quality level.

For many years we get rewarded for our work by many guests who tend to give us good or very good ratings. As a consequence we are one of the ADAC super campsites, got the European award of the DCC and we regularly get awards on regional and country level. The greatest award for us is the yearly vote for the best campsite of the year, by the magazine Caravaning. In this case the camping guests decide on the best campground. We have won this award many times which shows us that we are on the right track.


We do not only care about our guests but also about the nature. Since 2005 we have been a member of Ecocamping. We have set ourselves aims concerning nature conservation, safety and quality and are anxious to reach these goals. Our employees are also aware of their responsibility and respect the environmental rules and regulations. That way we were able to integrate the campsite perfectly into the environment. Appropriate planting, responsible recycling, environmentally sound cleaning of the sanitary buildings and the hired objects, protection of natural resources, avoidance of hazardous substances and furthermore the efficient use of energy and water are for us self-evident.

Facts & Figures




90 hectare


ca. 3,5 hectare


ca. 726 touring
579 permanent pitches
183 rental objects

Sanitary buildings



more than 130

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